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Shampoo Bars v Liquid Shampoo

So we did a poll on our Instagram page to see what folks prefer, liquid shampoo or shampoo bars.

An interesting thing happened. Of the 152 responses we received, the results were exactly down the middle. 50/50 exactly. But, responses weren't so cut and dried.

Many of you who said you prefer liquid shampoo actually only buy shampoo bars because of the positive environmental impact, You like liquid shampoo, but not the plastic waste.

Other people said shampoo bars all the way! They are easier to travel with, last longer and of course the zero waste aspect is a huge win.

What was great to hear is that nearly everyone mentioned the environmental impact of liquid shampoos and the part plastic packaging. plays in their decision making process.

Which is why we've given everyone the choice between shampoo bars and liquid shampoo without any negative environmental impact. Our liquid shampoos are packaged in aluminium bottles with 100% biodegradable refills available.

Compostable shampoo refills

Our refills are made from renewable wood pulp starch and will compost down in just three months when placed in a compostable environment.

So now everyone's happy!

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