Couple in Nature

In The Beginning


Nirvana was born back in 1990. We started Nirvana to fill a need for naturally based hair care products that actually worked. Sounds easy right? But, it took some time to get it just right.


From our humble beginnings to now, we have never changed our ethos; naturally based, independent, cruelty-free products that deliver results. From our Zero Waste Lip Balms to our award winning Nettle & Jasmine shampoo for scalp psoriasis. We will always strive to better our products for you and the environment we all share. 


We are huge on customer service and have to say we have some of the most amazing customers who feel more like friends than customers!

Only The Best Will Do


We will always strive to only put the best ingredients and botanicals in to our products.


Our skin and beauty products are formulated with raw, food grade and organic ingredients in their purest and most natural form, which means all the rejuvenating and healing elements remain fully present and at their most potent. 


All the ingredients and botanicals we choose have been selected for their extreme healing properties to work in harmony with your skin, to heal, protect, and nourish.


All Nirvana products are cruelty-free from start to finish. We will never compromise that ethos. No animal should ever have to suffer for any beauty product. 

Bring your dog to work

A Furry Workplace Is A Happy Workplace


We are a committed team of advocates for animal rights. We operate animal friendly offices here on Huckenden Farm in Buckinghamshire.


It's wonderful to share the day with a variety of furry friends, we even have one feathered friend who joins us each day. Talullah the cockatoo provides more laughs then you could imagine. She even tries to answer the phone.


Rescue dogs are our passion. We at Nirvana have seven in total that come along for a days work. And we donate a portion of our profits to small animal rescue charities working hard to make a difference for our wonderful furry friends.

Two dogs

Thank You

So when you purchase from Nirvana, know that you will be purchasing the highest quality compassionate

formulations that will not only help your skin, scalp and hair, but your purchase will also be respectful to our planet as well,  That's a good feeling!