Beard Dandruff? Really?

Ok, let's talk beards. Some of our best friends have em and growing and maintaining the perfect beard is a bit of an art form. So you wouldn't want to spoil that magnificent creation by succumbing to what is a very common problem, beard dandruff. Who'd a thought it? But yes, beard dandruff is a very real condition. Beard dandruff, also called seborrheic dermatitis or flaking skin, is a common inflammatory skin condition that is caused by one or a combination of factors such as dry skin, product irritation, an existing skin condition, diet, or a type of yeast called pityrosporum ovale that makes the skin red, cracked, and flaky. And because all skin is different, the treatments may vary as we

Four Hair Colours in One Day

This is a really cool idea which made its debut at London Fashion Week. What do you think of hair colour that changes based on the environment? Could be great fun. Read all about it and watch the video of this innovative product in action.

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