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Oil for Scalp Health

Dry, irritated, flakey scalp? Yes, we hear you! And the answer may just surprise you; oil, yes oil.

Oils have a wealth of benefits when applied to the skin, hair, and scalp. Oils help to hydrate, nourish and actually cleanse the scalp without any build-up or clogging ingredients. A dry, flakey even sore scalp with a buildup of dead skin, thick patches, and dandruff, will benefit from a good quality scalp oil left on overnight for best results.

Of course it's essential that the ingredients of are the highest quality and combination in order to make a difference, that is precisely why we formulated our beautiful botanicle blend of only the best organic and effective oils for the scalp. Our Organis Scalp Oil is just the thing for scalp psoriasis, excema, dandruff and itchy scalps.

Treat your scalp with the best care and it will reward you with stronger, healthier hair!

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