The Nit Free Town

Well, we thought it was kind of strange that we had an influx of orders from the very same town in California within one week. I mean we often get friends recommending Nirvana to Friends and that would make sense, but this seemed a little different. 32 orders all going to the same town all ordering the Nettle & Jasmine Shampoo. So we thought we'd pick a customer and ask them how they came to know Nirvana Natural. Turns out one of our long term our customers, Stephanie's three children have remained head lice free since starting school. The oldest is now 11. She's the only parent in the school who hasn't suffered with the dreaded little nit nasties. She puts it down to using our Nettle & Jasm

A Cafe That Cares

Well it's our very first #SmallButMightyMonday where we give a BIG shout out to some of our favorite small but mighty businesses. Today is for our London peeps. When you're passing by Kentish Town make sure you stop in at our new favorite cafe, The Fields Beneath for the finest cup of coffee and the knock your socks off deliciousness that is their Beetroot Burger and so much more besides! And what's even better is that The Fields Beneath is TOTALLY vegan because the fine folks at The Fields Beneath recognize the enormous benefits of a plant based diet, not only for the environment and ourselves, but for the millions of sentient beings that suffer the fate of the meat and dairy industry every

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