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Q. I have psoriasis on my scalp as well as some areas on my body. Can I use the Nettle & Jasmine shampoo on my body as well as hair?

A. Absolutely. Your scalp is just an extension of your skin, so you can use the Nettle & Jasmine shampoo on both body and hair. It can be added to the bath as a bath soak or used in the shower as a body wash.

Q. Are your products suitable for colour treated hair?

A. Yes, All Nirvana products contain natural sunscreen, so therefore will protect colour and highlights.

Q. Can I use your products on my children?

A. Most definitely. Our Pure Nirvana range which is free from SLS, SLES, Parabens and synthetic colour and synthetic fragrances makes a great children's bath range for both hair and body.

Q. Which shampoo is best for thinning hair?

A. The Nettle & Jasmine shampoo is the ideal shampoo for thinning hair as it will encourage stronger hair growth from the base cells of the scalp which in turn will add more fullness and body.

Q. I never use products which are tested on animals. Are your products cruelty free?

A. Most definitely. All of Nirvana products have never and will never be tested on animals, nor do we use ingredients which have been tested on animals.

Q. Can I return a product if it doesn't work for me?

A. Absolutely! We offer a 100% no quibbles guarantee because that's how confident we are that our products WILL work for you.

Q. Do you offer next day delivery?

A. We most definitely do for any UK order.

Q. Do you offer worldwide shipping?

A. Yes we do. Just select your region at the checkout.

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