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Dog Day Afternoons

So, anyone who knows us here at Nirvana knows we're HUGE on advocating Adopting, Not Shopping. So naturally our love for our furry friends means we wouldn't dream of leaving them at home while at work here on 'The Farm'. At any one time , we have at least six dogs and even a cockatoo in the office. It really does make for a happy atmosphere. It's hard to get stressed out when you have a little wet nose nudging you for a tummy rub. Even our wonderful postman, Jack loves paying us visits. He has his pockets loaded with treats and truth be told, spends a little more time here than he probably should. The pups love his daily visits! Jack says they make his day. He's our kind of guy.

But there are drawbacks. Get up for a split second and Alvi, our little steet dog rescue from Serbia will jump straight onto your chair. It's like her has this inbuilt radar for an empty seat. Doesn't matter where he is, if a chair is going spare, he's on it. Truthfully, we wouldn't have him any other way.

Do you work in a animal friendly office? We'd love to hear from you if so.

bring your dog to work

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