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"Applying lip colour on dry chapped lips is a losing battle. Even hydrating lipsticks will look patchy. Nirvana Natural has great lip balms but this fragrance-free version is the one in my kit. The deeply hydrating formulation prevents and treats dry lips and acts as a great base.

-Justine Jenkins, Makeup Artist



​"Our make-up artist on The Witcher, Justine Jenkins, advises me on great vegan products. Nirvana Natural does a lovely Lip Tint. I’ve got the colourway Sweetness.

-Anya Chalotra Actress, The Witcher



"I bought you zero waste lip balm last month. I use it several times a day and I swear I haven't even made a dent in it. It will last me years at this rate! I absolutely love it and the way it heals and hydrates my lips. 

- Ruby Dunn

A life changer

"Your Nettle & Jasmine Shampoo has literally changed my life. I tried everything for my scalp psoriasis and only your shampoo made a difference. You have a life long customer in me! Thank you Nirvana."

-Alison James

No irritation
I have healthy hair!

"I bought your Spice natural deodorant because I wanted a natural deodorant that didn't contain bicarb soda as it really irritates my skin. Yours is incredible! I have really sensitive skin and it soothes any razor burn and also keeps me smelling great all day long. I really love it!"

 -Jenni Scofield

"Since using your hair products, my hair has made an amazing transformation. I particularly love your hair oil. My hair actually feels like hair again. That hasn't happened for years!"

-Ruby Ellis

I had my doubts...

"I wasn't to sure about your scalp oil, but I thought i'd give it a go as my scalp was in dire need of something. I tried it once and left it on for about 10 minutes. It didn't do much so I decided I would try it overnight as per your instructions. I have to say my scalp feels fantastic. No itching or flaking. It needed two rinses, but a small price to pay for relief. I will purchase your Nettle & Jasmine next. Thank you for a really great product Nirvana."

-Catherine Chambers

Goodbye eczema
Scalp Psoriasis relief

"I've had dry, itchy eczema on my scalp since I was in my teens. In approximately 2006 I found this shampoo and it is the only shampoo that with regular use clears my sore scalp. If I ever stop and go back to a more normal shampoo the eczema slowly builds back up again and I always go back to Nirvana Natural. I have tried countless medicated or salicylic acid shampoos and none of them work as well as Nirvana Natural. I find that if my scalp is really bad I do have to persist and use this shampoo every day for 4 weeks and then it starts to work fully. It is amazing stuff, I only wish I could buy it in stores again!"

--Sara Lewis

"This product completely cleared up my Scalp Psoriasis! It is not an understatement to say it has totally changed my life. Thank you so much all at Nirvana. Your customer support is bar none!"

-Claire Gosling

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