Day - 11 The Inspiration You Need

Day 11 - of our Cruelty Free Christmas This is one of the most powerful, intellectual and inspiring speeches to help you on your way to living a Cruelty- Free life. Please take 10 minutes out of your busy day to get the inspiration you need to change the world! #choosecompassion

Day 10 - A Life Changing Gift

Day 10 - of our Cruelty-Free Christmas When giving this Christmas, wouldn't it be lovely not only to put a smile on someone's face, but to also help change the world for suffering animals? Well, the wonderful and inspiring 2016 Charity of the Year, International Animal Rescue have made that possible with their Virtual Adoptions. You can adopt a rescued animal and in return you will receive; -An adoption Pack -Personalised Certificate -Photos -Soft Toy -Fact Sheet -Exclusive Update These virtual adoptions make a wonderful gift especially for children. If we are going to foster a kinder and gentler future for us all, we need to start by inspiring and educating children and International

Day 9 - It's Dog Gone Christmas

Day 9 - Of Our Cruelty Free Christmas We have featured many of our passions here at Nirvana and today is no different. We are huge advocates of adopting shelter animals as our regular feature Forever Home Friday attests to. Today we'd like to introduce you to one of life heroes, Mark Barone from An Act of Dog - Museum of Compassion. Mark is an extraordinary artist who raises awareness of the plight of shelter dogs through his paintings, "We are paving two parallel pathways: cultivating compassion for animals and raising funds through the sale of our fine art products to give back to rescue groups across the nation, and working with schools to show kids how to use their art for social change.

Day - 8 Cheesy Heaven

Day 8 - Of Our Cruelty-Free Christmas We could hardly wait to share day 8's post with you because it is about our second favourite food, CHEESE! (chocolate being the first obviously) Not so long ago we discovered the most delicious, healthy and best of all vegan cheese by the magnificent Nutcrafter Creamery Nutcrafter Creamery is a small, environmentally conscious company developing and creating cruelty-free innovative artisanal food. They are 100% plant based and free from processed ingredients. From Mozerella to Blue to aged Cheddar, Nutcrafter Creamery have all your cheesy desires covered. Please do check them out this Christmas!

Day 7 - Yummers

Day 7 - Of Our Cruelty-Free Christmas Do we need to say anything more? Seriously, look at these beautiful Christmas puds made by the incredible Ginger and peach. Ginger and Peach believe in nourishing food that tastes as decadent as it looks. All of their products are 100% vegan and free from gluten, refined sugars, dairy and soya and are 100% delicious. You can purchase a box of 12 of these little beauties at with free delivery in the UK and we highly suggest you do, before we buy em all!

Day 6 - Mini Vegans

Day 6 - Of Our Cruelty-Free Christmas Just in case you are on the fence about a plant based diet or you've already reached that beautiful place and you are wanting to provide others with information, here's a great bit of info from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics on why a plant based diet is a healthier and kinder option for ALL concerned.

Day 5 - Eat, Drink & Be Merry

Day 5 - Of Our Cruelty-Free Christmas Eat, Drink & Be Merry! So, you've decided to prepare Christmas dinner. Well let Jamie Oliver inspire you with these cruelty-free culinary delights. Makes us hungry just looking at this. #veganchristmas #crueltyfreechristmas #jamieoliver #vegan

Day 4 - Be Inspired

Day 4 - Of Our Cruelty-Free Christmas Are you needing a little inspiration to get you on your way to a vegan lifestyle? Well meet one of our inspirations, James Aspey. James overcame, cancer, eating disorders and drug abuse to discover the health benefits of a vegan life. He also discovered the brutal truth of the meat and dairy industry and now travels the world educating and inspiring thousands of people to adopt a more healthy and compassionate lifestyle. Take so time to hear his words and be inspired. This Christmas could be the kindest yet!

Day 3 - A Sweeter Smelling Christmas

Today, we would like your life to smell a little sweeter with the absolutely divine Sweet Anthem Handmade Perfumes. Sweet Anthem are vegan, handmade and just all around beautiful artisan fragrances. Made in small batches all with organic bases. If you could bottle paradise, this is what it would smell like. Please do check them out for beautiful cruelty-free Christmas gifts that will not fail to disappoint. Breathe deep, breathe in Sweet Anthem.

Day 2 - A Kinder Christmas

Day 2 – A Kinder Christmas Animals are in need at all times of the year, from shelter pets to rescued factory farmed animals. Why not make a donation this Christmas to a charity that resonates with you. There are so many organizations working tirelessly to be a voice for the voiceless from mighty The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation in Los Angeles working tirelessly and bravely to stop the Asian Dog Meat Trade by raising awareness and re homing survivors, to one of our favourite charities, Balkan Underdogs a non-profit charity of volunteers who work to save, care for and re home the street dogs of Eastern Europe. Or there are wonderful charities like The Gentle Barn who rehabilitate and pro

Day 1- Cruelty Free Christmas - CHOCOLATE!

Today we’d like to introduce you to a subject very close to our hearts, Chocolate! Here at Nirvana we like to indulge just a little...Ok, actually quite a lot and our go to chocolate of choice is the absolutely divinely decadent award-winning Booja-Booja range. Their truffles and chocolates are beyond scrumptious and they are all vegan approved, gluten free, soya free and of course dairy free. We've also been known to have a tub or three of their organic dairy free ice creams in our freezer, made with only a handful of pure whole ingredients. You've never tasted anything as heavenly as their Hunky Punky Chocolate ice cream, we promise! Please do check them out this Christmas. They do a wond

12 Days of Cruelty Free Christmas

Starting today, we at Nirvana will be helping you to have a gentler and kinder Christmas with our 12 Days of Cruelty Free Christmas.

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