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Do It If You Want Healthy Hair

No matter what kind of hair your sporting - long, short, straight, curly, dyed or natural, you need to know how to keep hair looking and feeling fabulous.

Here are our top 5 tips for keeping those locks looking their loveliest!

1. Be gentle

Towel dried hair

Wrapping wet hair in a towel then doing the rough towel try will damage hair and lead to frizz and breakage. Take time to gently blot hair with your towel or even better an old cotton tee shirt which is far kinder to those tresses.

2. Lower The Temp

woman straightening her hair

It's tempting to turn up the heat on our styling tools hoping we'll get the job done quicker or better. Wrong!

High heat leads to breakage and excess dryness. Keep the temperature to a mid-heat. Your hair will thank you for


3. Wait Before You Brush

wet hair

Wet hair is extremely fragile and more vulnerable to breakage and damage than dry hair, so tugging at wet

tresses with a comb is one of the worst things you can do. Try and wait as long as possible before combing and gently work through those tangles when hair is dryer and therefore stronger.

4. Trim it

hair cut

We can't stress enough the importance of regular trims to keep those tresses looking their finest. Having a healthy hair is not an overnight success. It is usually a process of tending your hair every day, which include regular trimming. The latter eliminates split-ends, where hair damage and breakage usually starts. In doing this, you'll give room for healthy strands to grow, which is much easier to manage than a fragile one. So, if you start to notice some have split-ends, visit the salon right away for a trim.

5. Be Hair-Type Specific

Sounds obvious right? But some of us don't use the correct product for their hair type. For example, if your hair is dry or damaged make sure you are using products which are free from alcohol and add hydration and moisture. Don't just opt for any old shampoo or conditioner. It won't help your hair and may even cause more damage. Always be hair-type specific when choosing products.

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