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Small, But Mighty Monday!

We at Nirvana have decided to dedicate Mondays to all those companies and organizations who produce wonderful products and/or do wonderful work. They may not be the largest or have giant advertising budgets. They probably won't have billboards on every street corner and won't be sponsoring any fancy events, but they are mighty of heart and the work they do and the products they produce we believe, makes this world a more beautiful place, whether it be with their activism, their incredible craft or just the wonderful products they market.

So please join us each and every Monday when we feature some of our favorite Small, But Mighty companies and if there is a company that you'd like to share with us, then please by all means get in touch and let us know all about them. We need to spread the word and make this world a more beautiful place filled with our Small, But Mighty wonders every #SmallButMightyMonday

Nirvana's Small But Might Monday

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