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Day 2 - A Kinder Christmas

Day 2 – A Kinder Christmas

Animals are in need at all times of the year, from shelter pets to rescued factory farmed animals. Why not make a donation this Christmas to a charity that resonates with you.

There are so many organizations working tirelessly to be a voice for the voiceless from mighty The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation in Los Angeles working tirelessly and bravely to stop the Asian Dog Meat Trade by raising awareness and re homing survivors, to one of our favourite charities, Balkan Underdogs a non-profit charity of volunteers who work to save, care for and re home the street dogs of Eastern Europe. Or there are wonderful charities like The Gentle Barn who rehabilitate and provide sanctuary to severely abused animals.

There are so many both local and international charities that could really do with your donations so they can keep on helping some of the most vulnerable beings on the planet. It doesn't matter where you choose to give, just as long as you do. Your donation no matter how small will always make a big difference.

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