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As our gift to you, subscribe and receive 10% OFF your entire order.

What you had to say...

I didn't think a shampoo bar would work for me. I tried one from another big company which was more expensive and smaller too, I didn't get on well with it, but I tried yours and as I can use it as a body wash too, I thought I'd have nothing to lose and I can happily say, I absolutely love your shampoo and body bars. They last ages, make my hair and skin feel wonderful and the fragrance of the Flowers & Fruit one lasts all day. So happy with this product and will definitely be purchasing more! 

                  -Katie M

Best lip balms I have ever used! 

                  -Katherine G

I've been using your Organic Scalp Oil for nearly two weeks and I can't believe the change it has made to my scalp and hair. My scalp no longer itches like mad and my hair is so much stronger and thicker. It's just an amazing product

                       -Alex P

I'm just so glad I discovered your company. I have never experienced customer service like yours. I placed an order with you and forgot to order the lip balm, so placed another order about 15 minutes later. You actually contacted me to say and you refunded me a postage cost and combined my orders to save me paying extra. I don't know of any company who would do that! Other companies can learn a lot from you guys!

                  -Emily G

Hand Washing Taking its Toll?

One of our fantastic customers, Leonie shared her top tip.


"My hands had become really sore with all the hand washing I had been doing. So I thought i'd try your Nettle & Jasmine [Shampoo] as a handwash as I always buy it by the litre and I know it also has great anti-bacterial properties.

Within a day of using it the soreness was relieved and the cracks and the redness healed and I now only use the Nettle & Jasmine from head to toe basically.

I wanted to share because i'm not sure you realize just how great this product is!"

So for all of you Nettle & Jasmine lovers out there, do give this a try and let us know what you think! And a huge THANK YOU to Leonie for taking the time to let us know just another wonder of our Nettle & Jasmine Shampoo!

Be well everyone! 

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Nettle & Jasmine Shampoo

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