When you buy any Nirvana product, from our Nettle & jasmine Scalp Psoriasis Shampoo to our Organic and 100% natural Vegan Lip Shines, you are working with us to help change the lives of street dogs in Eastern Europe because for every bottle sold, a percentage goes to the wonderful non-profit charity Balkan Underdogs.

Balkan Underdogs is a non-profit charity comprised entirely of volunteers both here in the UK and on the streets of the Balkans working tirelessly to help rescue, re-home and provide veterinary care for these poor souls living a brutal life on the streets of the Balkans.

The harsh and barbaric reality is that these dogs are routinely rounded up by dog catchers and forced into kill stations. There is no humane euthanizing.


No sentient being should ever have to endure a life of such brutality and torment and by purchasing any Nirvana product, your money will go directly to help save these beautiful souls living in deplorable conditions to find hope, heal, and be adopted into loving homes. And because Balkan Underdogs are comprised totally of volunteers both in the UK and in the Balkans, EVERY penny of the money raised goes directly to help these animals. EVERY penny. There are no fancy marketing advertisements, no incomes, no red tape, nothing, just incredible people doing an incredible job because every life matters.

So from the bottom of our hearts and the bottom of these beautiful animals huge hearts, we say thank you for helping to save a life by purchasing a Nirvana product.

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